I drew a line in the dirt; it was a clearly defined line. I thought of my mistakes, my life choices that lead to those mistakes. I went as far back to my teenage years. What sense did that make? How does it profit the mind living in the present to consider the mistakes of the past? To pile dirt upon yourself that you will have to spend time to clean.

I have evolved; my core has not changed. I have grown due to those choices, and today I will believe that Christ has set me free. John 8:36 “Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

That I have been bought with a price and if I didn’t love myself, Jesus loved me enough to save me.

1 Corinthians 6:20 “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which is God’s.”

Consider coming from beneath dirt. What is the enemy of our soul trying to pile up on you? What is he using your emotions to tell you? You have already escaped the mistakes of your past. You have survived the consequences of bad decisions. Now hold your finger and trace a line; that line had a start and end. Look at that line even if it’s imaginary add something to it (let it represent a picture of what you want or who you desire to be). Outside of the flaws, how do you see yourself? Write that in the dirt.

All the exercises I share are important (smile). This act, however, allows us to release our dominion power over the things in the earth.

Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

The Life Behind the Status

No one knows the true intentions of any man. Regardless of their self expression. As the heart of men are hid so only God can see, 1 Samuel 16:7 in part “for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.”

Who are hypocrites or true to their words? We can never tell, of behind the status updates are lies, beliefs or practices. Are they reminders? Are they for inspiration? Are they for business opportunities? Are they to vent? Whatever the reason are you living up to what they say? It is an update for your friends and family to see? Does it suggests what is going on in your thoughts? Facebook says “tell us what is on your mind.”

I have been criticised by close family and friends of posting “too much” on my status. However you have control who sees your reaction to environmental stimuli. You have time to think about a post and the opportunity to delete it.

Consider this

The self expressions that will not disappear after 24 hours.

The updates that can not be edited or deleted.

Am I true to this image? Is this image me?

If Christ lives within me, then are the expressions of self a reflection of Him.

Can He testify to the authenticity of who I say I am to this world? Let this new month, challenge us to right living. Not righteousness in the context that it is used by the Church. Right living that is, when I use a Word it will line up to my life style. When I give an update it will be honest to the only one who matters, the Lord God. 2021 will be the year of fulfilment, hope, peace, happiness, prosperity in thoughts and actions that will be brought to the forefront. When obedience to God will bring my flesh under subjection to the Will of God. The simple things such as;waking up early, preparing meat a day before, writing in a journal, sticking to a timetable. Will allow me a closer walk that will enable truth to come from within.

Who wants to live a lie to impress people?

Even the narcissist I believe in his heart wants truth.

Let your expressions, status updates be true to the heart of God in you, true to the soul that expresses itself through the body. Live up to who you say you are not just in words but also in action.

Proverbs 4:23 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

“I searched for truth and found Him hidden in my heart. I sought to discover wisdom and realised she was always knocking at my door” Lafieta Chisholm

Ben’s View

The fog descended upon the hill; some parts looked mystic; some features showed the beauty of God’s creation as you could see that it did not reach the valley.

As I looked at the image, I thought of Ben, beautiful in his statue and his views always breathtaking. I have often considered his state of being when he is one of those cites and chosen to believe that your mind’s condition determines your perception of a thing.

Myer Pearlman wrote, “ it would be useless to argue with a person who declared he could see no beauty in a rose, for his inability would argue a lack of appreciation of beauty.”

He continued to say “ he must be convinced of the beauty in the flower, a sense of beauty must be awakened.”

Now take a deep breath and imagine a rose whichever colour you like. Close your eyes and think about why you find that beautiful or not. Take a moment before you continue to read.

Now consider the things that are not so beautiful that affects you and know it can be varying degrees based on who you are, it can be a constant migraine to the experience of rape. The state of your awakening and conviction determines how you see yourself and the world. It is our duty no matter how difficult, no matter how emotional unbalanced we get to keep our mind right. Regardless of the view we have, we can appreciate the life we have. We can change how we speak concerning what is around us. That at this time instead of why we say I get to be at this place, I get to make a difference. The aim is not just to survive but to thrive, which means mentally just as much as physically. What is happiness? Can I be happy in all areas of my life?

I don’t think Ben has a perfect life. I believe he, however, sees the beauty in the things around him and may appreciate that. Then again, I don’t know Ben, so I can only speak for myself.

What will be your views perception, be you in Bangkok, Paris, Jamaica, Canada or the United States? How will you see what is outside your window?

Share a picture in the comments

“Where is my father”

Charles Kettering

“Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.”

After watching his videos on YouTube, my toddler turned to me stammering saying “where daddy mommy, where daddy?”.

It is one of the reasons that brought me to this space. I gained wisdom, found heights and depths in the Lord from situations that came to kill me (Look for the book Life After the Failed Prophecy ).

I expected him to ask that question later on, many times in his life. I hope that when he can understand, I will tell him the truth. As for the 6th of January 2021, that question troubled me more than him.

He caused me to consider my childhood. That question I posed to myself as it made no sense to ask my mother as she was hurt and bitter, her reality of two teenage girls going to high school no income and a mortgage any mention of my father then brought its onslaught of negativity. Where is Daddy? Driving a Lexus Coupe and your taking a bus packed like sardines. I remember that to this day.

I am Determined to hold on to the Word of God no matter what I face.

“The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”

Psalms 34:10 NKJV

I say dig deep, listen to the voice that speaks not when noise is most or at it’s loudest, or when confusion is like clothing. The voice that gives you hope in a scripture or a song. 2021 can only bring you victory if you allow it. Suppose you allow yourself to grow and change your perspective and responses. Things happen to us daily, and no self-help book or deliverance pastor can cause the quality of Endurance to come up except you. Only you can change your shoes or dress and start by taking simple steps to change. Don’t read this and think that it is for people with significant ( forgiveness, bitterness, self-esteem, anxiety) issues. It’s for all of us who can make or should make some personality changes to lead a full-filled life.

I go back to the year 2000.  my 21 years, we got to JFK, and we said to our mother “don’t point him out to us” we wanted to see if we could recognise him. We were walking ahead of her, stopped behind this tall, dark skin man and looking around, wondering “where was daddy” she got up to us and touched the man and said “see them there” he didn’t know us nor us him ( now tears are in my eyes).

Where is Daddy? A question that based on the culture your from when you read this will give you a different answer.

When he was home was he active? He provided financially, and what else? Is he alive? Is he in prison physically or mentally? Was he kind and honest? Was he a thief? Did he teach you any of his skills?

I have started to introduce God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to my son. He is into Spiderman now, so he is told God is bigger than Spiderman. I will do the best with what I have been given to help him to understand a Father that will never leave him nor forsake him. Joshua 1:5, Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13: 5 “Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He, Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

He will see the earthly examples in Rev, Rohan and Collin. His yes will be yes and his no, no. Society will tell me  thank you for my son.

Now the stuttering voice says, “where daddy mommy, where daddy?”

Look around you will see Him in everything. The sun, the flowers, the air, the wind as it passes your cheeks. Look in the night sky, the moon and stars.

The Lord is your Father-son, your eternal, everlasting Father He will keep you in the hollow of His hands. Isaiah 51:16 in part says (I have covered you with the shadow of My hand,”


I had this conversation with myself. I said whether a man believes in God or not, he has a conscience. Myer Perlman spoke about it in “Doctrines of the Bible. “ man is always seeking to connect with a Creator”. So an atheist says there is no God. However, you will meet an atheist who is law-abiding and has good moral concepts. That is the Spirit of God living within that person which he/she is not willing to acknowledge. A Trinity believer will also be the same way(law-abiding, good values and morals).

Then I read Romans 14 (take a read) htpp.www.biblegateway.com

Paul says to receive the man that is weak in faith and don’t judge his beliefs. Do not say because you eat meat, that he who does not is wrong. If each man will account for himself, why do we strive and hate each other because of these things? He said only cause your brother not to fall. Take this even with how we raise our children ( how we judge and punish them when they don’t act as we would want) to treat our co-workers. I aim to show how we can adapt to a different perspective. How do I change and keep my peace? When the only person I can control is me? What are the things I need to work on to maintain a balanced life?  2021;

– Twenty-one years since I left high school

-21 years of this behaviour, this personality flaw

-21years of (you put in your’s ).

 I will not change overnight. Nothing I say within the first seven days of 2021 will change me until I have decided to do so. I already have what I need to fix this one or multiple areas.

A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most”

George Bernard Shaw

When you look in the mirror ask yourself how can I apply Romans 14? What can I do differently?

Leave a comment, let’s talk about it.


Determination is a quality, a firmness towards a purpose.

I am determined to walk in the fullness of all I was created to be.

To answer my Who Am I question. Before we set out to change the world, if you change ourselves then m impact the scope of the world we were meant to reach.

I have decided not to make a grand gesture. I have chosen to win daily battles, working on my inconsistencies. For example “changing my mind” or not allowing my toddler or family to influence the thing I was determined to do. I believe we receive our instructions early in the morning, and the Holy Spirit guides us or for some “your mind tells you”. You plan the day without realising that plan is the instructions from God.

As you move to execute that plan, this could be a significant project at work to the time you decided to spend before the Lord.

Suddenly the “noise” comes something happens with another driver on the road, with your spouse or children, your co-worker has said the wrong thing.

The truth, as we know it- we can not control the dynamics of other people. We can, however, control our response. Why do I need to be the bigger, better person?YOUR peace, not theirs depend on it!

You planned to spend more time with the Lord, develop /work on the quality you need to do it. Put the phone on mute, close the door, set a time and stick to it. For everything else apply the strategy you have been given from God. It is the year to become your best you.

May your will and determination rise to the challenge to make your life complete.

I thought about Jacob on two occasions, when he wrestled with the Angel of God ( Genesis 32:22-31 and when he served Laban 14 years for his wives, 20 years in total(Genesis 31:41).


Now write out what you would wrestle for, what you would serve 14 years for and date it. Now Go read “Count the days” on this same site



I made a whole effort in starting my blog last year and said this will be a coping strategy for me. I would have used the public space where no one knew me to discuss the things that brought the most pain and growth in my life. If you knew me personally, you would know I have dozens of books that I write in, from a prayer point to a sermon. I had blog post ideas that never left the memo. I laughed and cried, pressed in prayer, triumphed in areas I never knew it was possibile to do so in. I saw the most significant changes come in situations I had not seen in seventeen years. I had my share of inspiration to add to the pot. As I discovered myself. You should see me now, no hair because of my own mistakes. I am learning to embrace all of me. Each day overcoming the obstacle of giving in or up because of being emotionally unstable. Adjusting my perspective on how I see the rain(thank you Vennessa-#wordsofahonestwoman.net)) and strategically praying for a healthy mind(thank you Kadine-#myhealthymindnet.wordpress.com). Reading these blogs and looking at the pictures (#wanderingambivet.com) receiving the virtual hugs (#adelekeadeitte.wordpress.com) being sent to Jamaica over WordPress and realizing that God has used this community of bloggers to speak to me(#drawingclosertochrist.com #herrychiccounsels.com).

So January 1, I ask who Am I ? As I listened to Myles Monroe “understanding the purpose for your life” he asked five questions I contemplated these 3.”

  1. Who am I? 

     2.Where Am I from? 

     3.Why Am I here?

I thought about the I Am that I Am answer God gave to Moses. Do I need to change my perspective, do I need to change my approach? The answer to both is yes. Will it make sense to do something for 15-30 days and then quit before a habit is formed? Makes no sense. Even here, your contribution must be consistent and deliberate. I realize every blog matters, contributing to a healthy mind, body & soul. It is not too much because in seeing our hope is renewed.

I walk in the fullness of all I was created to be. In Jesus Name AMEN

Vagina Value / Vagina= Value

Image of the vagina

Who taught you self value and self-worth? At what stage of your education, did they start to instil the things to make you secure in you?
How were values and morals taught to you? By what standards were those set? What were you told when you were old enough to understand the most valuable thing you had?

Different cultures and races teach other things. We all have specific values and morals that we try to teach our children in different ways.
The way the rich man educated his daughter is different from the poor man. They both have wisdom and understanding of the ways of the world, but the opportunities are diverse. One is the value of self, and the other taught herself is the value. That the power to change her life, is determined by her vagina power.
The vagina value has two very distinct views. The way it is taught makes or breaks the woman she will become.
I was praying about a matter, and I heard vagina=value. I stopped to listen. How have the things we have seen been taught indeed affected how we saw ourselves growing up?
Who values the vagina more? Was that the one that got the time and effort from us as women even if they didn’t deserve it? Was he the one you choose because you didn’t know how to look? Were you, are you still looking for value through the vagina? So you couldn’t settle down with one person or even can’t? Do you think the time has run out and you have not found someone to value the vagina?
I know the critics are there waiting to say “what is sis Krystal (Lafieta)writing about” How about some truth? Considering the values, we held on to that did our girls a great injustice. We taught the power of the vagina should be equal to the house or car; you should get because of it. Should our mothers before us have focused on learning how to love yourself, how to value your self and then teach our girls?

Abandoned by a father from the ghetto, raised by a single mother who said get an education no one can take that from you. Who taught her anything else? Who taught her to value herself, the community? Who taught her that rejection from one man should not alter self-esteem? What to look for when the example of a man wasn’t the real picture. Because before the abandonment the vagina had value nothing was lacking.

What then?
How then do you imagine things should be?
Misconceptions of self lead to disastrous actions.
The aim to get to that place, look at your past and grow from it.
Build a new you, with a new mindset.
Work on changing the things within you that the devil tried to use to destroy you. Work on looking through eyes that used to see boundaries in love and value. Recognize that I am more, much more than these things. That the aim then is not to find someone who values the vagina, but someone who loves you.

So deal with the low self-esteem, rejection, multiple partners, allowing yourself to blend in and not stand out, the mindset of waiting for a saviour who should only be Jesus Christ, the hurt, the pain, the confusion. Pick anyone and take your time…to heal

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that” Martin Luther King Jr

I found after my scripture reading, that I started to meditate upon God’s Light. The meaning of light “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.” I want to use this definition this morning.

What is visible to you this new day because of the light?

What emotion, action would you normally do or take because the room in its entirety was not visible to you?

How many mistakes occurred because we just could not see? The natural light from God was not yet manifested.

There are things to be seen, to be done by you. Things you cannot achieve in darkness. Things you cannot achieve if you don’t change how you think or act. Things you will need to do not just for you but the generation that is to come after you. You must walk in light that is equal to truth to do. Why do I get so angry? Why do I do the things I know I should not do? Why can’t I pass these exams? Why is my family so dysfunctional? I know this to be true friends. The why questions are answered with light, that gives you understanding.

My meditation has given much thought and apart of that I’m sharing with you. As As I sat I found myself saying “thank you for light, thank you for turning on the switch and allowing me to see my true self this present day. For allowing me to stand believing that Your light will cause me to walk in victory”

May you walk in light and May that light be visible in every darkness you will ever encounter throughout the rest of your days. May the light give you victory, peace, love and happiness.

I found the poem below. Thought it was a good example of what I expressed.

Walk, Don’t Run

“That’s it.
Walk, don’t run.

Slow down, breathe deeply,
and open your eyes because there’s
a whole world right here within this one.
The bush doesn’t suddenly catch on fire,
it’s been burning the whole time.

Moses is simply moving
slowly enough to see it. And when he does,
he takes off his sandals.

Not because
the ground has suddenly become holy,
but because he’s just now becoming aware that
the ground has been holy the whole time.

Efficiency is not God’s highest goal for your life,
neither is busyness,
or how many things you can get done in one day,
or speed, or even success.

But walking,
which leads to seeing,
now that’s something.
That’s the invitation for every one of us today,
and everyday, in every conversation, interaction,
event, and moment: to walk, not run. And in doing so,
to see a whole world right here within this one.”

by Rob Bell

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